PSA Open Source Intelligence (OSI) and PSA Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reports are the cornerstone of our global third-party due diligence programs.  Our in-program due diligence efforts begin with the desktop-only research of the OSI and scale up to the in-language, on-the-ground research of an EDD.

An EDD can be further expanded by selecting and including additional investigative elements in an individual request. This includes site visits, a mapping of the full chain of ownership of an entity (“NO” or “UBO Mapping”), in-person or remote compliance/questionnaire interviews, and discreet information collection from well-placed local and industry specific human sources.

These options dramatically increase the effective reach of each engagement. This spectrum also works to empower clients to implement a risk-based approach, with due diligence efforts calibrated to each engagement’s jurisdiction, value, and other factors dictating compliance risk.

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| Open-Source Intelligence (OSI)

  • Human analysts conducting desktop research
  • Collection of all electronically available public records and media
  • Machine-translated local language research
  • Research on one primary entity and up to two secondary individuals

Use Case: OSI Reports are effective for low-risk transactions and in jurisdictions with higher levels of publicly available information.

| Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

  • In-country, human led records collection and information gathering
  • Human-translated local language research
  • Research on one primary entity and up to four secondary individuals

Use Case: EDD reports are effective in jurisdictions that are considered to have medium to high levels of publicly available information.

| Additional Investigative Elements

  • Beneficial Ownership / Natural Ownership Mapping
  • Discreet Source Commentary
  • Site Visit
  • Further investigative elements as needed

Use Case: EDD reports can be tailored to fit varying risk profiles by adding some or all of these additional elements.

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