Pacific Strategies & Assessments offers truly global capabilities in providing third-party and transactional due diligence services. Our offerings scale from desktop research to complete on-the-ground investigations, helping our clients adapt to growing global risks and an evolving regulatory landscape.

| Helping to navigate an increasingly complex world

As business continues to globalize, many countries lag behind in controlling corruption or operational risks. But those jurisdictions presenting governance and operational challenges often present the greatest growth opportunities. At the same time, global regulatory regimes continue to extend their reach.

| A commitment to human analysis and insight

To help deal with this diversity of business risks, all of PSA’s due diligence offerings are produced by analysts with specialized geographic or subject-matter expertise.

| Global reach

Covering everything from Latin America to China, our third-party due diligence program has a geographically balanced portfolio. In the last year, PSA has delivered DD reports on subjects in more than 100 countries on six continents.

| Due diligence offerings for every use case

PSA due diligence services range from In-Program Due Diligence integrated with our clients’ routine compliance efforts to Investigative Due Diligence tailored to the challenges of high-risk or high-value transactions. IDD scoping includes pre-IPO, pre-investment, and M&A due diligence. ESG options are available at every due diligence level.

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| A full spectrum of compliance program options


Our in-program diligence products are created to serve your compliance program to facilitate a nuanced, risk-based approach to scoping third parties. In-program due diligence options can be calibrated to the requirements of an engagement, ranging from desktop research to on-the-ground investigative activities.

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| Experience serving diverse industries

Our multinational clientele represents a wide range of industries and includes 20 Fortune 500 companies.

| Integration with leading compliance software platforms

More than 5,000 PSA due diligence reports have been delivered through partnerships with compliance software platforms, allowing for a seamless integration of data on 3P risks.

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| Due diligence + continuous third-party monitoring

Extend the life of due diligence reporting and comply with regulators’ expectations of “beyond onboarding” diligence for third parties with continuous monitoring. For 12 months following third-party due diligence research, new information raised through database monitoring can be reviewed by PSA analysts and forwarded when a material risk is identified.

| Analysis grounded in understanding

Our due diligence program is built on critical insights into regulatory and governance trends. A continuous assessment of geographic risks informs each report.

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Inquire with a due diligence expert today

PSA offers a broad range of human analyst-driven due diligence solutions. Our services can integrate with global due diligence programs to proactively review third parties or extend to custom human intelligence-driven assignments to support high value transactions. Whether you need a routine review of a third party or a scoped inquiry, our offerings scale from database and desktop to complete on-the-ground investigations.

An extension of our deep in-region and analytical roots, PSA’s core strength is in analyzing and contextualizing the information we gather. With offices strategically located throughout the globe, PSA provides regional and local context to information we collect by utilizing in-house, in-region researchers with deep knowledge of their respective jurisdictions. As a result, we currently support a range of US, EU and Global clients from every major industry in proactively managing risk.

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