FCPA Compliance and Enforcement: Expert Insights from Charles Duross

In this episode of the Better Intelligence Podcast, PSA’s Michael Olver speaks with Charles Duross, who spent seven years at the DOJ’s FCPA unit before entering private practice to counsel clients on FCPA matters. Charles, whom the Washington Post has dubbed “Mr. FCPA,” provides Michael and guest co-host Katayune Ehsani unparalleled insights into how the DOJ and SEC pursue investigations, how to manage internal and government-facing investigations, and how to establish priorities in a compliance program. The conversation provides invaluable insights into ever-evolving corruption schemes, compliance program blind spots, and other critical areas of FCPA risk.

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PSA Due Diligence

PSA’s due diligence program is deeply informed by FCPA and other anti-bribery statutes. We help clients identify corruption risks among third parties in assignments spanning more than 100 countries every year.

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