Managing Cross-Border Asset Tracing and Recovery Investigations

Asset recovery in international fraud cases can present considerable challenges and risks. After building a case and pursuing recoveries across diverse jurisdictions, victims may still recover only pennies on the dollar. In this episode, Martin Kenney of Martin Kenney & Co. shares his unparalleled insights into creating layered strategies and managing multidisciplinary efforts to improve outcomes in cross-border fraud recovery investigations. Martin talks with PSA’s Michael Olver about pursuing non-traditional asset recovery strategies—expanding investigations to identify potentially liable institutional actors in jurisdictions where substantial recovery is more feasible. Along the way he discusses strategic decisionmaking, risk management, and navigating the sometimes conflicting imperatives presented by civil versus common law jurisdictions.

PSA Investigations

We assist clients in complex cross-border corporate investigations, developing effective investigative strategies for asset tracing, forensics, and critical information collection in commercial litigation and disputes.

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